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Crystal Lake Resort is a moose hunting, black bear hunting, and rainbow trout fishing lodge in the wilderness of British Columbia. The Crystal Lakes Wilderness where we hunt moose has some of the best habitat for moose to be found anywhere in the province of BC. This prime habitat is covered in dense forests, with swamps, meadows, and dozens of lakes scattered throughout. Black bears are found in great numbers in the lower elevations around the Crystal Lakes Wilderness. The lakes are teeming with native rainbow trout, the forests are full of wildlife from moose to lynx to grouse, and the wilderness is remote, pristine, and beautiful.

Moose Hunts and Spring Black Bear Hunts

Moose hunts are based from our lodge at Crystal Lake or from one of our remote cabins at Kennedy Lake, Johnson Lake, or Nulki Hills. We have an exceptional area for moose: remote, roadless, and prime moose habitat. Our trophies average 45″ wide, with exceptional trophies up to 55″. The best time to hunt moose is during the rut when bull moose can be called in to close range. Our premium moose hunts are 10 day rut hunts running from about the 20th of September until the 10th of October. When hunting moose in the rut, we do a great deal of calling, which is absolutely critical in such a dense wilderness where the only openings are the meadows and lakes. Our moose rut hunts are 90% successful for two reasons: because we have a great area and because we are expert at calling moose.

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Spring Black Bear hunts are based from our lodge at Greer Creek Ranch. We have extraordinary black bear hunting with hunters seeing up to 20 bears a day. Bear hunts are all done spot and stalk. Unlike our moose hunts which are done in a roadless wilderness, our bear hunts are done in lower elevations in the logging areas where bear habitat is best and the population numbers are strongest. We hunt bears from mid-May to mid-June. Because we have so many black bears, we only hunt for trophies. Our trophy spring black bears range in size from 6′ to 7′6″, weighing 200 to 400lbs, with skulls between 18″ and 22″.

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